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Shipping and Delivery?

USPS Priority Express Shipping charges are $35.00 - $50.00 within the United States, Delivery Confirmation with tracking and insured.  FedEx or UPS service available for $ 40.00.   We combine shipping of all merchandise purchased so you pay only one shipping charge, and no per item fee. The merchandise will be shipped with a label from from Aper Trading Corporation

Worldwide International Shipping via USPS Registered, FedX, UPS, DHL, Brinks, Malca-Amit, or Priority Mail unless other arrangements are requested or are necessary because of the weight, value, destination, customs duties and tariffs of the order. Basic international shipping add $65.00 to $125.00

USPS Priority Mail normally takes 4-5  business days in transit, Express Mail 1 -2 days, and up to 3 days for processing.

 Some orders may incur additional shipping and insurance costs, especially  on large parcels and international orders. Customized shipping methods are available for any order, CONTACT US to finalize shipping and insurance arrangement.

Orders under $100 can be shipped 1St Class USPS $6.10.

Payment for order?

CONTACT US with any questions about our merchandise or if you wish to place an order. We accept Payment by credit card, PayPal, cashier's checks, money orders, business checks, wire transfer and International Money Orders should be made payable to:

Aper Trading Corporation

They should be mailed to:

9355 113th Street #8105

Seminole, FL 33775 USA

Please contact us with any requests for customized parcel ordering, wholesale jeweler and retailer payment arrangements, shipping, and insurance information. Payment agreement is required on purchase before delivery.  Florida residents are subject to 7% sales tax. CONTACT US Bank wire transfer information

Returns Policy?

We attempt to fully describe the color, cut, clarity, and grade quality of the merchandise.  If not completely satisfied with the merchandise received you can return any purchase within 10 days for a full exchange or refund (excluding any shipping and processing costs), no questions asked. Custom made and special orders are not returnable. CONTACT US with the method of shipment and expected arrival date of the returned merchandise. We only require that the product be returned in original condition and packaging, returned via USPS Priority Mail, delivery confirmation, or by insured, registered mail, UPS, FedEx or DHL. We will not be responsible for any Items altered, broken or damaged in shipping, not actually received by us, or items not returned in accordance with these terms. Return merchandise to:

Aper Trading Corporation
9355 113th Street #8105
 Seminole, FL 33775 USA


Gemstone Clarity Grades

IF- Internally Flawless contain no visible inclusions under 10x lens. Very Top Quality / Superfine Grade 
VVS- Very Very Slightly Included gemstones may contain inclusion detectable with 10x lens. Select Quality AAA Grade
VS- Very Slightly Included gemstones have inclusions, small pin-pricks just visible to the close scrutiny of the naked eye. Easily visible under a 10x loupe. Jewelry Quality AA Grade
SI-1 Slightly Included gemstones have inclusions quite visible with the naked eye and under a 10x loupe the inclusions are large or numerous. Jewelry Quality A Grade
SI-2 Slight Inclusions becoming more prominent to the eye. Jewelry Quality A- Grade
I-1  Included gemstones display moderate effects on appearance and durability. Gems with less internal luster and brilliance.  Commercial Grade 
I-2 Inclusions that severely effect the beauty and value of a gemstone. Gems with very less internal luster and brilliance Commercial Grade AB 
TranslucentGemstones will allow light to pass through
OpagueGemstones will not allow light to pass through

Gemstone Inclusions

VVS 1&2 Extra Fine Quality. These gems have microscopic inclusions which are difficult - slightly difficult to see under a loupe with 10x magnification.
VS 1 Very Fine Quality. Small pin-pricks are just visible to the scrutiny of the close naked eye. However, the beauty of the gem is not diminished in anyway.
VS 2 Fine Quality. Small pin-pricks and feathers are just visible to the scrutiny of the close naked eye. However, the overall beauty of the gem is still not diminished.
SI 1 Good Quality. These gems have inclusions which are fairly easy to see to the close naked eye. However, the overall beauty of the gem is still high.
SI 2 Good to Medium-High Quality. These gems have inclusions which are fairly easy to see under the close naked eye. These inclusions are usually not really visible at an arm's length.
Included 1,2&3 Medium to the lower qualities. Included gems with internal features that range from eye visible to very easily seen to the naked eye.

Diamond Grading


Many experts name color as the number one consideration in choosing a diamond. A diamond's color is graded on an alphabetical scale from D-Z, with D being absolutely colorless and Z being light yellow. Beyond "Z", a diamond is considered to be an exotic or "Fancy" color.


























Near Colorless

Faint Yellow

Very Light Yellow

Light Yellow

Since color differences can be so subtle, they are impossible to determine by the untrained eye. To grade a diamond, gemologists often place it on a white background next to another diamond that has been previously graded.

If all other factors are equal, the less color in a diamond or the higher color rating, the more valuable a diamond becomes. Likewise, as the amount of color increases, the price of a diamond decreases (though this does not necessarily reduce the beauty of a diamond.) 


All diamonds have identifying characteristics, but most are invisible to the naked eye. To view a diamond, experts use a 10x magnifying loupe which allows them to see the appearance of tiny crystals, feathers or clouds. These natural phenomena are called inclusions.There are five categories in class that anyone interested in purchasing a diamond should be aware of when grading clarity.













Internally Flawless

Very Very Slightly 

Very Slightly 

Slightly Imperfect


 FL (Flawless) - IF (Internally Flawless)
Flawless Diamonds reveal no flaws on the surface or internally are the rarest and most beautiful gems.

Internally Flawless Diamonds reveal no inclusions and only insignificant blemishes on the surface under 10x magnification.

VVS1 - VVS2 (Very, Very Slightly Included)
Very difficult to see inclusions under 10x magnification. These are excellent quality diamonds.

VS1 - VS2 (Very Slightly Included)
Only looking through a 10X loupe can pinpoint the inclusions in this category and are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. These are less expensive than the VVS1 or VVS2 grades.

SI1 - SI3 (Slightly Included)
Diamonds with inclusions easily identified under 10x magnification. Finding flaws in this category with the naked eye is difficult. The gems in this category maintain their integrity, depending on the location of the inclusions.

I1 - I3 (Included)
Diamonds with inclusions which may or may not be easily seen by the naked eye. The flaws on the stones in this category will have some effect on the brilliance of your diamond.

 Carat weight

One carat is the equivalent of 200 milligrams. One carat can be divided into 100 "points". A .75 carat diamond is the same as 75 points or a 3/4 carat diamond. Since larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds, the value rises exponentially with carat weight.

Cut & Shape 

A diamond's cut will most certainly influence its fire (the lovely rainbow colors that flash from within) and brilliance (the liveliness and sparkle), as well as its perceived size and even, to some degree its apparent color. Different cuts reflect light in different angles. A diamond must be cut in a geometrically precise manner to maximize its brilliance.

Certificate and Make Price Calculation Factors

Certificate Price Calculation Factors
AGS          1.028
CGL          1.000
GIA            1.000
HRD           .981
IGI               .944
ELG            .935
None          .935
Make Price Calculation Factors
EX - ags 0                          1.05
Hearts & Arrows               1.05
EX - EX                               1.00
Fine                                    1.00
VG Built Up                        1.00
VG Spread                           .96
VG Average                          .90
VG -VG                                  .90
VG - G                                   .87
G - VG                                   .87
G - G                                     .85
Poor                                      .80
Lower Makes                      .70 

Diamond & Gemstone Treatments

Nearly all of the genuine Jewelry Quality Colored Gemstone and Fancy Color diamonds available on the market today have undergone some form of treatment or enhancement, either in rough or finished stages of production,  including heating, oiling, irradiation, lasering, heat and pressure etc. and are all done prior to our importing or purchasing  the stones. Each country uses different methods, many are protected trade secrets, and we do not know all of the methods used. If required we can send the gemstones or parcels  for independent evaluation or certification. All purchases come with our 100% return guarantee.  Certified,  Natural, untreated gemstones are available in the higher quality grades.  Nenoir Diamonds, Certified Canadamark White Diamonds, Jeweltree Foundation Certified Diamond Parcels, Garnets, and the Emerald and Australian Sapphires we have made at our custom cutters in Thailand are guaranteed natural and untreated.

Gem treatments have been around for decades. Some treatments are so commonplace that certain stones almost always receive them. Such treatments improve the appearance of the gem and do not negatively affect the stone in any way. They are considered the normal way of handling that particular gem. Other treatments are more limited and may not be stable. All traditional treatments, their purposes, and their effects, are listed in The Gemstone Enhancement Manual, a de facto standard endorsed by major jewelers' organizations.

Sieve Sizes

  1. Diamond Sieve Size Chart- sizes indicated may vary plus or minus 10%
Plate Size # of Stones per Carat Weight MM Size . Plate Size # of Stones per Carat Weight MM Size . Plate Size # of Stones per Carat Weight MM Size
000     1.00 45   1.80 13½ 8/9 11 pt. 3.20
00     1.05 7 35   1.90 14 8 12 pt. 3.3.
0 200 ½ pt. 1.10 33 3 pt. 2.00 14½ 7.5 13 pt. 3.40
1 175   1.15 8 30   2.10 15 6.5 15 pt. 3.50
150   1.20 25 4 pt. 2.20 15½ 6 17 pt. 3.60
2 125   1.25 9 22   2.30 16 5.5 18 pt. 3.70
110/115   1.30 20 5 pt. 2.40 16½ 5.25 19 pt. 3.80
3 100 1 pt. 1.35 10 18   2.50 17 4.75 21 pt. 3.90
90   1.40 10½ 17   2.60 17½ 4.5 22 pt. 4.00
4 80   1.45 11 16 6/7 pt. 2.70 18 4.25 23 pt. 4.10
70   1.50 11½ 15   2.80 18½ 4 25 pt. 4.20
5 60   1.55 12 13 7/8 pt. 2.90 19 3.70 27 pt. 4.30
50 2 pt. 1.60 12½ 11 9 pt. 3.00 19½ 3.33 30 pt. 4.40
6 48   1.70 13 10 10 pt. 3.10 20 3 33 pt. 4.50